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Rope Samples

Most Common

Old faithfull, half hitch. Absolutly the most common, but not necessarily the easiest or quickest.


28" tall-double loop, canhave as many loops that you want times the # of verticals. 22" tall double row half hitches + alternating vertical weave at the bottom of the verticals touched off with a helix handle.

Still Easy

Trailing lead half hitch.

Not so tough

Double loop, double color.

Wich way does it go?

Large loop, forward entry reversed exit.

Getting dizzy

Double loop, forward/reverse single strand. With a reversed halfhitch bar pull.

Fast Way

Nver pull the rope end through again.

Faster yet

It's that simple handle loop in a different orientation.

Crazy or just dumb?

Yes realy, 108 verticals.

Yeah, RIGHT!

However you want to describe it. Look carefully at the top ring. The severed hitch is actually an alternating pattern per loop set, Two color vertical that the lead in is on the opposite of the loop from the exit. Trailing lead half hitch on the bottom.

Tighter faster

Tripple diamond. If you want the star of david, use more vertical. Tighten faster yet by pulling quads.


Use two colors of verticals. Two methods, gear mesh and skip. Both use even # of loops. Use your imagination and some other looping styles, there are no limits but youself.

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Most recent

Three Color


Repair service

Drums will be returned pre-stretched and ready to play.

Re-head $80.00 (skin included)

New ring cloth $7.00

New ring rope $7.00 + rope cost

Rim re-work $7.00

Shaved rims $7.00

New replacement $20.00 + rope cost

Crazy rope work varies on $



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