I Do What I Do Because...


I believe that everyone is entitled to great products at a reasonable price that won't cause one to go into shock.  All to often people tell me that they would like to have a nice drum, rope, skin or repair but can't afford it.  I try my absolute best to find better product sources to meet the needs of all my customers, customers in which all I consider my friends and family.  


Secondly, after some deep contemplation, I really am not too interested in getting fat off other's hard work.  I try to keep prices as low as possible.  Actually low enough to maintain survival for myself.  Believe me, my bank keeps sacking me with that below minimal balance fee.  I suppose it would be great to be raking in the cash, however great highs come to me by providing to those whom would not have been able to afford if I were indeed living the fat life.  My goal is to some day be able to give away more stuff and service for free to those in need.  I travel the country virtually year round spreading the spirit of the drum and I hope that this web site will improve sales so I can continue my journey and giving.


You Will Find...


That my prices are nutty!  I sell rope at prices that may be the least expensive in the world for comparable or higher quality.   Everything else that I stock is quite reasonably priced as well.